Bulk & MicroBulk

Bulk & MicroBulk Systems

The Ultimate Convenience

Improve efficiency and reduce downtime through a Bulk gas solution. Available for operations requiring a constant flow of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen or helium. It starts by replacing your multiple cylinders with one permanent tank that you never need to exchange thus eliminating residual gas loss, lost cylinder costs, & multiple cylinder rentals. With the use of WiFi & Cellular Telemetry, we monitor your levels and can schedule refills for you, ensuring you always have enough product to keep your business running.


The convenience of Bulk & MicroBulk systems begins at the onset. Wisco handles every aspect of the implementation process including:

  • Site Survey
  • Safety Inspection
  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Telemetry Installation
  • Monitored Gas Supply

Size Matters

MicroBulk is a solution to consider if your business uses more than 30 high pressure cylinders a month. Tank sizes range from 230 – 3000 Liters, and can be installed in more flexible locations. A connection to an access point is required to enable delivery of gas by our truck

Bulk should be considered if your operation requires volumes exceeding 100,000 scf per month. The standard sizes for Bulk units range from 2000 – 80,000 Liters, providing working pressures between 175 and 500 psig.

Safety First

Wisco can provide the resources for Safety Awareness training alongside Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure your Bulk system remains 100% compliant.

Maintenance & Repair

Our team of service technicians are factory certified in MicroBulk & Bulk system preventative maintenance, gas calibration, & repair

Chart Bulk System & Trifecta
Chart Micro-bulk Systems

Solutions Tailored to your Business

As an official distributor for Airgas products, we have the expertise and access to global resources to support your business & gas needs. Custom tailored solutions mean we have the ability to analyze your gas needs, and design the optimal gas delivery system to ensure your business runs at peak performance, while minimizing associated costs and administrative hassles.

Contact us to speak with one of our gas specialists to schedule a site survey to assess whether a MicroBulk or Bulk solution is right for your operation!