Safety Equipment

Safety Apparel PPE Gloves Helmet Welding JAcketPersonal Protection Equipment is essential to protect the user against health or safety risks while on the job. As welding & metalworking has inherent hazards, it is imperative to have the right protective gear for your employees.

We carry full lines from multiple brands of…

  • Gloves  | Face Shields
  • Jackets | Aprons
  • Sleeves | Pants
  • Hard Hats
  • Heat Shields
  • Protective Eye-wear

For more information on Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) see our | P.P.E Guide

Tillman Gloves Welding SafetyMiller Electric WeldingSteiner Welding Safety

Welding helmets & hoods are a great way to remain safe while welding & show off your style in the process. We have a comprehensive selection of auto-darkening, variable shade, & fixed shade helmets for every process & application. Not to mention some awesome graphics.

MILLER ELECTRIC WELDING3m Speedglas HelmetsJackson Safety Welding Safety ProductsLincoln Electric Welding

Respirators & other masks filter the fumes & particulate that welding produces, protecting the operator & increasing overall comfort. There are a number of types of respirators that can be worn underneath welding helmets along with integrated fume control systems built into welding helmets themselves.

Welding Helmet Respirator Facemask Respirator FaceMask

  • Disposable Respirators
  • Half Mask Respirators
  • Powered Air Purifying Helmet Respirators
  • Supplied Air Respirators

Welding safety precautions go beyond an individual’s apparel & helmet. Keeping the work space and other employees nearby safe is an important concern for every project. Protect your work space and co-workers with our expanded welding safety products.

  • Welding Curtains
  • Welding Screens
  • Welding/Fire Blankets
  • Warning Signage
  • Storage Systems
  • Gas Piping Solutions
  • Custom Ventilation Solutions

For more information on general welding safety, see our | Welding & Cutting Safety Page

Correctly transport & store your cylinders to help your employees stay safe and your business stay OSHA compliant. We’ve helped our customers manage their cylinder safety through specialized carts, cages, stands, & full/empty cylinder markers. 

  • Cylinder Carts | Cages
  • Delivery Carts
  • Liquid Can Carts
  • Medical Carts
  • Vertical Stands
  • Chains | Cradles | Pallets

For more information on cylinder safety & other regulations, see our | Gas & Cylinder Safety Page

Welding, cutting & grinding produce a host of contaminants that can cause serious respiratory harm to the user & other employees nearby. Having a comprehensive fume elimination solution is mandatory to keep your work space safe & productive. We help develop custom fume solutions for our customers to help minimize risk & promote a safe and healthy environment. We offer standard fume extraction machines to customized piping solutions for multiple welding stations throughout a facility.

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Fall Protection

Specialized welding positions often take the operator to precarious situations where safety becomes elevated to an even higher level. As OSHA’s regulations on Fall Protection requirements continue to evolve, so do our solutions to help keep your employees completely safe and your business compliant.

  • Stretchable Shock-Absorbing Lanyards
  • Welding Harness
  • Self-Retracting Lifeline
  • Safety Straps
  • Restraint & Positioning Lanyards

High Visibility Apparel

An increasing amount of industries are requiring their workers to wear high visibility apparel to make sure everyone is seen. “Be seen to be safe” is a proven motto as high visibility wear has lowered work place incidents dramatically in environments where they are required. We supply all ANSI compliant vests that are suitable for daytime & low light conditions. Contact us for more information.

  • ANSI Class 2
  • ANSI Class 3
  • Flame Resistant
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • High Vis Gloves
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